Alhambra’s Fortalice equity strategy uses an earnings revision model as the foundation for stock selection. Central to this style is a belief that positive earnings surprises generate positive price movements, while negative earnings surprises generate negative price movements.

We combine fundamental research analysis with a quantitative, earnings momentum-based overlay to create highly diversified equity portfolios that can stand alone or be a fortifying allocation in your balanced investment account. The strategy, as the name implies, emphasizes strong (from the Latin, fortis) companies with positive earnings momentum and sound fundamentals.

Quantitative Modeling

 A proprietary multi-factor process is employed utilizing a quantitative screen to generate a pool of potential purchase candidates. The model identifies and ranks companies according to the Fortalice criteria from a universe of approximately 6,600:

  • Market Capitalization over $1.5 billion
  • Satisfactory Analyst coverage to form a consensus
  • Positive Earnings
  • Positive Free Cash Flow
  • Targeted Present Value Ranking
  • Targeted Earnings Revision Ranking

Fundamental Research

On a weekly basis, the by-product of the quant screen is reviewed and fundamental investment research is performed for new names of interest. We look at various aspects of a company’s financial condition and business prospects:

  • Income Statement
  • Balance Sheet
  • Cash Flows
  • Sources of Growth
  • Competitive Position
  • Profit Margins
  • Pricing Power

The result of these two steps is a pool of stocks with real business momentum, reasonable valuation, and a blend of appealing fundamental qualities. This purchase list spans all economic sectors, and a large number of industries within these sectors.

Portfolio Construction

  • Apply any client-specific restrictions to define stocks eligible for purchase in a particular portfolio.
  • Start from a sector-neutral posture with minor adjustments based on model outputs.
  • Create a diversified portfolio of 40 – 60 stocks with broad economic sector representation and target stock selection as primary means of generating positive risk-adjusted returns.
  • Continuously monitor portfolio statistics vs. appropriate benchmark.

Sell Discipline

We employ a blend of model signals, fundamentals, technical factors and valuation. Two or more factors turning negative create a sell signal. Of these, valuation alone is the least important. We believe in letting winners run; however, as weightings in a particular issue increase due to price appreciation, they are typically trimmed.

  • Loss of earnings momentum
  • Concern over company fundamentals
  • Deteriorating stock price performance
  • Excess valuation

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