The Fortress Portfolio is Alhambra’s original asset allocation strategy, a good foundation for a well-diversified investment program. You can read the story of how and why the Fortress Portfolio was developed here.

  • Minimum investment of just $100,000
  • Low cost: 0.25% annual management fee
  • A passive, strategic portfolio of index funds
  • Multiple asset class approach reduces volatility
  • Effective across multiple economic environments
  • Validated by 50 years of performance research analysis

The Fortress Portfolio is the strategy that underlies all Alhambra portfolios. As such, it is a passive portfolio allocated across 5 distinct asset classes:

  • Large Cap Stocks 
  • Small Cap Stocks 
  • Real Estate 
  • Commodities/Gold 
  • Bonds 

We have constructed 7 versions of this portfolio, based on risk tolerance:

The Fortress Strategy was developed to be an all-weather portfolio, producing consistent returns across the four major economic environments:

The original Fortress accomplished that goal, providing solid performance across multiple economic environments. The inclusion of low and/or negatively correlated assets also reduces volatility versus the standard 60/40, stock/bond portfolio.


Portfolio Implementation

There really is no such thing as a truly passive portfolio. Every portfolio constructed requires some tactical choices. The original Fortress portfolio was US only and used the ETFs that were available at the time. Today we can construct portfolios using many different themes such as:

Dividend Growth, High Dividend Yield,  Growth, Value, Global, International, Emerging Markets, International Dividend Growth are just a few examples of the possibilities. We can also create models that are tilted to the economic environment such as Rising Growth, Rising Dollar or Rising Growth, or Falling Dollar.

US Version:                                                                       International Version:                                                         Global Version:


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