Financial Planning

The Pizza Portfolio

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You’ve heard the old adage that what you don’t know won’t hurt you. Well, in the investing world that is 100% pure Bovine Scatology! You may be the owner of a portfolio constructed on a foundation of ooey-gooey pizza. Before joining the Registered Investment Advisor side of the financial industry, I spent almost 20 years [...]

10 Mistakes That Can Sabotage Your Retirement Savings

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According to a Gallup poll, 51% of nonretired Americans don’t think they will have enough money to live comfortably in retirement. Retired Americans are more confident, with 78% saying that they have enough money to live comfortably. However, wherever you are on the spectrum, no matter if you are just starting to save for retirement [...]

Surprising Things Medicare Does Not Cover

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“I can’t wait to get on Medicare!” I’m hearing that more often from people approaching 65 years old. Since the passage of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) in 2010 health insurance has become anything but affordable. I know people paying more for their health insurance than they pay for their mortgage. On top of that, [...]

Can I Ever Retire: The Rest of the Story

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Among America’s older population there is a growing concern about the state of their retirement and many are choosing to stay in the workforce much longer. In a previous article I listed concerns of older workers about whether they will ever be able to retire; concerns that include whether they’ve saved enough money, the amount [...]

10 Questions to Ask Your Estate Planning Attorney

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Estate planning. It’s not one of the most pleasant topics because you have to admit your own mortality. But, for people who want to take care of their loved ones, estate planning is essential. Without a plan, distribution of your estate will be determined by a court or a bureaucrat—probably not the way you want [...]

6 Warning Signs of a Shoddy Health Insurance Plan

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Since the passage of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) in 2010, health insurance has become a four-letter word. There is an unending search to find the best coverage with the most benefits at the best price. It’s hard to wade through the swamp of legitimate plans and protect yourself from the quickly morphing supply of [...]