Financial Planning

Year-End Investment Checklist

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With the end of the year in sight, lots of plans are being made—what gifts to buy, what the menu will be, and how to shed the extra weight that will inevitably be acquired. But part of your holiday planning needs to include a year-end investment checkup so you don’t pay more taxes than you [...]

Retirement Planning is About More Than Money

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It’s a name change, but a necessary one. What we’ve always called Retirement Planning is quickly becoming Longevity Planning as Americans live longer because of better lifestyles and improvements in medicine. My own family is a perfect example. My great-grandfather died when he was 65. My grandfather was 82 when he passed. And my dad [...]

Once Upon A Time…An Estate Planning Tale

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Once upon a time, in the kingdom of Noplann, there lived a group of people who thought they would live forever. They raised families. They had careers. But when it came to thinking about their demise, they just stuck their heads in the sand. To them, planning for their departure meant admitting they would one [...]

Even Spiderman Needs Estate Planning

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When Spiderman was young, he could do no wrong. He glided from place to place, shooting out webs and taking care of the bad guys. But when he was older, Spiderman’s super powers were not so sharp. His vision was blurry, his hearing was dull, and he had difficulty telling the good guys from the [...]

Bad Advice Costs Widows Social Security Dollars

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Not surprising, money and bad advice are a deadly combination. But when that combination affects widows—even worse. It’s happening, of all places, at the Social Security Administration. A report by the Office of the Inspector General discovered that Social Security underpaid widows $132 million dollars they were entitled to because SSA agents didn’t know the [...]